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Lovely food mot greasy.

Sharon, 10 Apr 2021


3rd time now its took over 1 hour 30 to deliver 0.2 miles

Steven, 04 Apr 2021

Why are you closed at 11pm on a Saturday?

Kevin, 03 Apr 2021

I waited over 2 hours for a kebab wrap and when it finally arrived it was freezing cold and the chips were mushy went straight to the bin it was disgusting

Chloe, 30 Mar 2021

Could u put chilli and garlic on my wap plz thanks

Dylan, 19 Mar 2021


Pizza wasn’t ready when we arrived to collect. It was barely cooked the dough was still soggy. Staff aren’t the most pleasant either

Tamara, 13 Mar 2021


Tara, 13 Mar 2021


Waited over 2.30 hours for food after shop telling me loads of times it’s gonna be 15 minutes a bit of honesty would be nice if you’re running behind

Stephen, 12 Mar 2021

Hi, don't know what is going on with the site but I have not been able to pay with my card for the last 4 weeks, I have tried different cards and browsers with no luck.

Shaun, 05 Mar 2021

Ordered on pizza daddy website and had time for delivery at 43 minutes! Had to ring to check my order after an hour waiting, told it’s just left the shop as they’re really busy: THIS WOULDNT BE THE FIRST TIME this has happened. However the food is great and good value for money. I would recommend updating customers expectations on delivery on busy days to avoid chase up calls!

Rachel, 26 Feb 2021

Stephen, 25 Feb 2021


Catherine, 15 Feb 2021

One of the best in blyth

Jake, 12 Feb 2021

Even with 2hr early pre-order, the food is not here as of 25 minutes over estimated delivery time.

Jake, 10 Feb 2021

Quality food as always

Stephen, 04 Feb 2021

Food is nice. Nuggets are amazing. Chips could be a little better but they're still nice. Salad was nice and fresh on our last order.

Alison, 29 Jan 2021

I love ordering from here because the food is great but despite a 45 min delivery time (confirmed by the driver that this should be the case) my order took over an hour and a half. If this had been a one time thing, I'd have forgiven them but this has happened the last 4 times we've ordered. The food is great but I'd recommend ordering well before you're actually hungry or go and collect it

Reyanne, 27 Jan 2021

Just recently started to get real slow, all of my orders so far this year have been late

Jake, 13 Jan 2021

Over 2 and a half hours and I still haven't received my food

Jason, 09 Jan 2021

Scott, 08 Jan 2021

Food took over 2 1/4hours to arrive. Onion rings were soggy and the wrong drink was sent. This is the second time this place has messed up and i wont give them a third chance.

Marie, 08 Jan 2021

this is some good stuff :)

Jake, 02 Jan 2021

Pizza and kebab both fantastic. Bit disappointed as ordered a kebab hotshot with extra toppings, all extras were present and plentiful but not a jalapeño or anything remotely spicy in sight which made it quite bland for a hot and spicy fan. Good quality though, cooked perfectly and delivery spot on. Friendly driver.

Sam, 01 Jan 2021


Sian, 01 Jan 2021

Best kebabs around by far!

Danielle, 31 Dec 2020


Emma, 14 Dec 2020